I Dream Of Weddings



Many sleepless nights are caused by a constant roaming of the mind. During the day I am working on someone’s ceremony, a contract, finding the perfect linen to match a crazy color I’ve never even heard of. I also take care of my three children, and you know that is a job in itself. When I am ready to pass out for the night, and I’m staring at the ceiling, I’m putting the candy buffet together and oh, guess what? The linen actually doesn’t match the crazy unknown color. I watch my bride walk down the aisle and I wonder how can I make this moment more special than just a walk? I sift through the unanswered RSVP’s and I make note in my calendar to contact these lazy people, because I love it when 92 guests RSVP and 5 show up unannounced and now we have to ruffle up the kitchen to make more plates and bring in an extra table for you. Not to mention the extra $115.00 per person the couple will now owe the venue and you are not getting a goody bag damn it, you shoulda RSVP’d!

At this time I have aggravated myself and might be re-thinking my career. My mind wanders to the groom’s first sight of his bride-to-be walking down the aisle. I remind myself to fix her gown and wonder if the florist is doing a rush job. I need to call the florist and make sure she doesn’t forget anything because the last wedding we did together she wasn’t prepared. She definitely pulled it off but I know what supposed to be done and we won’t have that problem again!

Ugh, the limo guys are too expensive!

  • Find new limo company (maybe two different companies)
  • Limo budget $1500.00
  • Lamborghini & 18 passenger Escalade
  • Champagne & Red Carpet

Tomorrow morning my baby has a dentist appointment and I scheduled a cake tasting to close in time, gonna have to call them and let them know we might be a little late or should I push our meeting time an hour later? No.. they might try to reschedule, can’t have that! Eh, just let them know ten minutes before.

Oh damn, his application for high school, I keep forgetting to print out, fill out and send out. Oh  my, am I neglecting my children? We will go to the diner this week for breakfast, but this boy better do right in school because he doesn’t understand that this is vital to his future. It’s not like when I was a kid and all we saw were parents making it through the day. We are making it through the day but we have plans, so he better hurry up and jump on board! I don’t want him to be left behind. It’ll be the biggest regret of his life.

I will take him with me to a bridal show. He can help me and learn in detail what I do. He is very social and I think he will do very well in getting brides to come to our table. He can take the pictures of the brides holding the props and frame cut out. Oh, I need to order more business cards and I have to add Invitations to my list of Services. Am I taking on too much? Weeeeell, I don’t think so. It’s just on line invitations for now, but I would like to have a few books to have at shows. Books are $150.00 each… Oh wait, they did away with the books. Just saved myself $450.00 bucks.

Um, did I answer that email about the ceremony arch? I told her I’d send the info by Friday and yesterday was Friday. “Hello  Jessica, Great news!!! We have the arch!!!” (Send) Oh darn, I didn’t add the guest favor count in the email. Oh well I’ll call tomorrow. Reminder: Call Jessica about the number of favors that need ordering.

I need to book more sweet 16 parties! Advertising for quincenera’s also. I’ve never really done one of those so I need to start some research on that. Bridesmaids haven’t gone back for their measurements. I told her to give them a date, I don’t know why she is waiting on them to do it… I will send them a group text! Let me send it now or I will forget. (preparing to send a text at 2:30 am) Wait. I’ll just leave it in the send box, don’t want to wake anyone. Will try to remember to hit send tomorrow. Maybe I should set a reminder to hit send at 9am.

I’m tired now and begin my Calm Meditation station on Pandora. WHY DIDN’T I DO THIS FROM THE BEGINNING!

Another TO DO list taken care of via 2:30 am. I need to eat a better breakfast….

Please leave any comments on how you too never sleep because life is still happening while you sleep!





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