Wedding Ceremonies

The most important part of getting married is actually getting married. The vows themselves are the key element to the entire day. Don’t skimp on those.

As an Officiant (minister, clergy, priest…) I don’t assist in the wedding planning process and many of my clients greet me 20 minutes before the ceremony, going crazy because they have no clue what is supposed to happen next. Even though I have advised them on having a quick rehearsal prior to the big day. Don’t be like them!

When planning your wedding, either DIY or planner, it is imperative you plan the ceremony as well. Not just the flowers and pew décor. I’ve seen bridesmaids walk in on the wrong side during processional and have to cross over the groomsmen to get on the correct side. I’ve even witnessed the bride come down the aisle before the flower girl, that was the talk of the night, even by the venue staff. Now your probably wondering why I allowed this to happen. Well, I was assured the wedding party knew what to do. So I stand at the alter and watch the show like everyone else. When the wedding party is scattering about during the ceremony, it’s embarrassing. It says to your guests that the vows were not as important as the party and it may cause your friends and family to question your commitment. Your guests are giggling and making comments that will be remembered forever. You’ve been planning for months but your presentation shows otherwise. For this reason, I make sure I have a quick run before the ceremony.

Many opt out for a rehearsal and I’m not totally against it, especially if you have a meeting and explain what is supposed to be done. I like to conduct rehearsals because I want my couple and their party to look awesome walking down the aisle. I don’t want anyone looking confused or lost during the processional. Make sure you practice from beginning to end even if you are unable to get the venue for a rehearsal. Practice in your living room, the point is to be on the same page.

If the ceremony script has any scripture, songs or poems that’ll be read by others, I like to go over the timing with those involved. If there will be any ceremony rituals, such as jumping the broom, I like to act that out. As far as rehearsing the entire ceremony script, I opt out of that for a couple of reasons. First, during the ceremony I will instruct you through: Please Face Me, Hold Hands, and so forth. Second, anything over rehearsed just isn’t natural and we want a natural reaction. It is more sentimental and emotional for the couple and the guests. So please don’t skim on your ceremony, after all it’s the most important event of the day.




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