Vendor Rant

Vendors: I do not care if you ♥ all of my Instagram photos. Let’s be honest here, you could care less about how many meme’s I put up but you seem to like all of them. I know when someone is truly liking a picture and I know when someone’s trying extremely hard to get my attention.

Have you ever heard the saying “Less is More”? Tactfulness will get you places. I’m an officiant and a planner and everyone thinks I have a wedding every weekend. Not true. As far as planning is concerned, I may have only 5 a year. As for officiant work, I’d love to have one every weekend. I feel most vendors push themselves on you as if to say: Look at me, I’m here! check out my photos and follow me. Refer me to your clients, get me a job!

But I won’t. Yes it’s great to have vendors see your work and remember you out of the other 25 officiants they follow or vice versa, but I can’t keep track of all of you. The vendors I recommend are those that I’ve spoken to and they took the time to get to know me and my business. Those whom I’ve sought out for more information. Those who have contacted me and asked to meet me. Not for any kickbacks but because they respect what I do and that’s where my referral comes from. I see their work and see how they work with clients and that is where a referral comes from.

Not because your name is listed 10 times next to my pictures. Of course I will look at your pictures and check out the location and what not, but if I feel pushed into seeing you constantly, (you know exactly what I mean) so I can remember you for a referral, you need to do better than that. I’ve already got a list of great vendors and we are both waiting for the client to come knock on my door to refer one of them to the client. Those vendors who always try to pop up in my face get ignored. Everyone wants you to do something for them but aren’t thinking about you in the process. Why should I hand out favors when I have to hustle my ass off for this job and you won’t even say thank you.

I love when vendors contact me and give me their information. It is put aside to research and go check them out. Every company is different and has it’s unique touch and somewhere there is a client who needs that touch. So please vendors, don’t be so self involved and remember, I need work just as much as you do. The only vendor to refer me to a client has been a florist and that’s because I went to her and saw her work and brought her clients. She was able to get to know me and saw my work and how I handled my clients. But she is not the only florist out there and I do seek out vendors.

As my rant comes to an end, again I ask vendors to be less self absorbed and when you work as a team you get more rewards. All of the bribery and notifications isn’t necessary. It takes nothing to send an email or phone call telling me about your company and send me some information on what you do and I will do the same.

Rant over…



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