Too Tight Bride Shoes

You and the glam clan went shoe shopping for the perfect pair of sexy pumps to go with your wedding dress and their gowns. Everyone knows they’re going to look awesome on the special day. Your big day is almost here and you try on those hot pumps and they kind of pinch that one toe, or they’re just not as comfortable as they should be for your all night dance athon. So you try walking around the house with them for a few hours but it never really works. You are already thinking changing into a pair of flip flops.

Wait! before you give up on those sexy stilettos, let me tell you a secret…

Put on a pair of thick swat socks, then the shoes and plug in that blow dryer. Start blow drying those kicks. Aim it right at your problem area and don’t forget to wiggle them toes and bend your foot in every way to make room. (It only takes a minute or two, and don’t put the blow dryer directly on the shoe, keep it around the shin area. Move from one foot to the other). Let them cool down, even walk in them as they cool and then take those socks off and put on your new shoes. You should have enough wiggle room.

Tips: I put on two pair of sweat socks and stuck my feet into my little too tight for comfort, shoes and began blow drying the toe area. When I took off the socks my toes had enough room to maintain comfort. But the rest of the shoe was now a little loose also, not enough to really complain about but I don’t want this to happen to my perfect fitting shoe but pinches in just the toe area. So I cut my socks about an inch or two above the ball of my foot so just the toe area will stretch. I apply the heat to my toes and all is well!

So, if your problem area is the back of your foot and you don’t want to stretch the toe area, you can cut your sock or wrap something around that area like an ace bandage or something similar that creates room and blow dry that baby.

I’ve also tried the freezing method (but I got results from applying heat from the dryer). You get a small zip lock bag and fill with a little water, enough to fit in the foot of the shoe. Fit the bag of water in the toe area of the shoe and put in the freezer over night. The water freezes and expands causing the shoe to expand with it.

Sounds simple but you cannot let your shoe get wet before placing it in the freezer or it could damage the shoe (I’ve heard). When putting the bag into your shoe, I feel it has to be in there very snug and has to fit in the entire toe area and it was hard to tell if it covered all the basis I needed. I then put the shoe in another bag to protect it from frosting and getting wet. When I took the shoes out of the freezer in the morning, I removed the bag and it was easily removed, wiped the shoe and let it defrost. I tried on the shoe and didn’t really feel a difference. Maybe I didn’t do it right because it didn’t give me quick results like the heat method.

Now if the shoe is just too small then it’s just too small. Don’t buy shoes that aren’t your size thinking you can stretch them into your size (size 7 when you’re actually a 9) that won’t work. This method has worked for many men and women and if you do it properly, it should work for you too.

Leave comments letting me know what has worked for you or if you know of any other ways to stretch a shoe.




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