Email Stalkers… Not This Bride!

This is solely based on my opinion.

All my brides, tell me the truth… Do you hate to give up your email address? Is it just as bad as handing an annoying telemarketer your phone number? Are you dead set on scribbling some non-existent email address, like I do?

Let’s face it, we all hate to be hounded by vendors via email. We go on one of these sites that help us find everything we need for our big day, but, we are just looking for information. Maybe considering a wedding planner, “let’s see about how much they go for”. You send an email requesting information and a price range to about four different planners. You get a response and excitement fills the air. You get your answer, but didn’t expect to get another email for the next week – on a daily basis. You think to yourself, did I somehow subscribe to them? You ignore the emails and hope they get the point. Three days go by and you haven’t noticed any and then, BAM there it is. You have yet to open any of these emails because

  • You don’t care what they have to say
  • You did not sign up for recurring emails
  • You got duped into ‘chain mail’
  • If you open, they will send more
  • Or you may need it Later

I get it. I too have been a victim of email hounding, yet have never hounded any clients. I get clients who are conducting initial research and I know I’m in a pool with at least five other vendors. I send my information and wait. After about a week or so I may send another email only asking if they’re still interested. That’s it. No more. I refuse to hound anyone. No answer, not interested.

Brides, maybe it is easier to respond stating that one is not interested, as not responding only leads the vendor to believe you have not made a decision as of yet. Defer the vendor from this thinking pattern.

Simple Solutions:

  • Mark the email as Spam.
  • Call the vendor and speak about the services, if they ask for your email tell them you will generate one and get back to them.
  • “We regret to inform you that we are no longer interested. Thank you very much”. This can help keep the emails to a minimum.
  • Create an email that is specifically for the event: mrrandmrsss@suchandsuch

(I use GMAIL) Create a Gmail Filter: (wikihow: “How To Make Someone To Stop Emailing You”)

  •   Go to Settings, click Filters, select Create New Filter, Provide email address of unwanted   sender, select Create Filter With This Search, then check the box that says Delete it

These are all sure fire ways to reduce the knock of the annoying stalker.

I’ve read the articles that instruct us to continue to send emails and that the client usually answers after the 11th email. Sounds like a strategy that’ll work for some but not for me. Email marketing is different from stalking a client looking for information. Strategically, it makes sense, but I’m with the brides on this one. I’ve had so many clients tell me their horror stories of email stalkers and how I was chosen based on the fact that I did just the opposite and, of course, my very detailed and awesome response to their inquiry. Whereas some vendors are extremely aggressive, I know!

So remember, there are few ways to get your information and reduce the chance of creating a STALKER.

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  • Date Published     January 08, 2016
  • Date Accessed      March 16, 2017



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